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Civil Engineering

The construction of tunnels can be a hazardous operation. Direct injection of soluble silicates in combination with a hardener, gives consolidation of the ground and water-impermeabitlity by in-situ formation of a siliceous gel, which strengthens and seals the soil.

Sodium silicate is also used in the fixation of certain polluted matrixes to avoid further leaching out.

Flotation is a widely used process for extracting many minerals from their ores. Silmaco's sodium silicates are used as dispersant to keep undesired materials in suspension while the value minerals are carried to the surface by air bubbles.

Silmaco produces a wide range of premium quality sodium silicates in both liquid and granular or powder form in a wide variety of ratiosThey are used in silicate-based drilling fluids, which are an effective, versatile and low cost alternative to oil-based drilling fluids. Silmaco's Sodium Silicates are known for providing superior well bore stability. Besides sodium silicates are wholly inorganic and therefore not flammable and once diluted they have no environmental impact. When conditions request, such as limited storage capacity or danger towards freezing temperatures, Silmaco's Granulated Sodium Disilicates can offer a cost effective alternative to liquid silicates.

Silmaco's Sodium Metasilicates are very performant in normal and heavyweight slurries for reducing the mobility of water. They are widely used as a cost effective extender, allowing a higher ratio of water to cement. They can also be used as a cement accelator.