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Silmaco produces four standard types of high-quality silicates. You can also contact us for customized silicates. We work together with you to understand your expectations of the product and then go on to develop silicates that integrate seamlessly with your finished product and production process.

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Liquid Sodium Silicates

Liquid Sodium Silicates

Chemical formula
Na2O.xSiO2 + H2O (x=1,6-3,5)
Liquid sodium silicates are manufactured in various molar ratios. Molar ratios (MR) define the ratio of SiO2 versus Na2O in the substance. The higher the molor ratio, the less sodium ions are present in the silica network and consequently the less alkaline the silicates are. Therefore, classification and labeling depends on the molor ratio (cfr. MSDS). Varying the ratio of SiO2 to Na2O and the solids content results in solutions with differing properties. Silmaco's standard commercial grades range in molar ratio from 1,6 towards 3,5. We are at your service to assist you in selecting the most appropriate sodium silicate for your application.
Packaging options
Bulk tankers (10 up to 30 tons) / Metal 200 Litre barrels / Plastic 200 Litre barrels / Multiboxes of 1.000 Litres

Product registration 

EINICS number CAS number REACH Registration number
215-687-4 1344-09-8 01-2119448725-31-0012


Product range 

Molar Ratio Concentration (%) Density (kg/L) Density (°Bé) Download MSDS
3,2 - 3,5 25 - 40 1,26 - 1,45 30 - 42 MSDS-MR320-350-E
2,6 - 3,2 35 - 46 1,38 - 1,53 40 - 50 MSDS-MR260-320-E
1,6 - 2,6 35 - 55 1,38 - 1,70 40 - 60 MSDS-MR160-260-E


Properties and advantages

  • Sodium silicate is a low cost multifunctional product. It offers an interesting combination of properties such as alkalinity, hardness-binding capacity, protection against corrosion. This results in many diversified industrial applications.

  • Soluble sodium silicates are wholly inorganic and once diluted have no significant enviroment impact. They form by contact with Ca, Mg, Al or Fe insoluble silicates that occur in abundance in nature. When neutralized they recycle themselves to amorphous silica.

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