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Silmaco produces four standard types of high-quality silicates. You can also contact us for customized silicates. We work together with you to understand your expectations of the product and then go on to develop silicates that integrate seamlessly with your finished product and production process.

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Sodium Disilicate

Sodium Disilicate

Chemical formula
Na2O.xSiO2 (x=2,0)
200FA / 200P1
Packaging options
Bulk tankers / Big Bags / Bags of 25 kg


Grade Molar Ratio Dry matter (%) Bulk Density (g/L) Average particle size (micron) MSDS
200FA 2,00 82 900 450 MSDS-DISIL200-E
200P1 2,00 82 900 100 MSDS-DISIL200-E



  • Detergents and tablets for dishwashers
  • Anorganic binder in :
    • Ceramic materials
    • Refractory materials
    • Isolation materials
    • Acid resistant cement
  • ‚ÄčWater treatment
  • Bleaching processes (e.g. hair bleaching)
  • Dry cement mixtures
  • Separation of ores by flotation

You can count on Silmaco to consistently deliver high-quality, a wide range of packaging options and excellent order fulfillment.