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Tailor Made Mixtures - Our products

High-quality silicates

Silmaco produces four standard types of high-quality silicates. You can also contact us for customized silicates. We work together with you to understand your expectations of the product and then go on to develop silicates that integrate seamlessly with your finished product and production process.

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Tailor Made Mixtures

Tailor Made Mixtures

Chemical formula
Packaging options

Silmaco possess a special designed mixing division for preparing your tailor made mixtures. The division consists of vessels that are put on loadcells for precise measurement, equipped with strong agitators and with the ability to calorify or cool down the product.


  • Mixtures of sodium- and lithium silicate

  • Mixture of sodium silicate and sugar types

  • Mixtures of sodium silicate and surfactants

You can count on Silmaco to consistently deliver high-quality, a wide range of packaging options and excellent order fulfillment.